These instructions are a summary of the specific instructions given at each point of the online abstract submission process. They are presented here to facilitate abstract preparation before final submission.

  1. Presentation: Only poster available
  2. Ethics statement: Provide suitable information if your work required approval from an Ethics Committee.
  3. Authors: Provide details of each author in the order that they should appear in the abstract. Only the presenting author needs to provide an email and postal address. The department, institution and country (i.e. affiliation) is required for each author.
  4. Abstract: Poster abstracts are accepted for review by the Poster Evaluation Committee only if this template has been used for submission. Please, stay in the limits of 250 words. 

You'll see a preview of your abstract on the next page.

Pre notice for E-Poster (detailed instruction will be provided together with the invitation after acceptance of the abstract)

  1. Layout: Portrait (vertical orientation)
  2. File Size: Maximum file size is 4 Megabytes (4MB)
  3. File Format: Save your file as a PDF for quick and easy upload
  4. Media: Images/photos, graphs and tables can be included in the e-poster
  5. Optional: Record a short audio of 3/4 minutes in MP3 to explain your work. The audio will then be included by the Organizing Secretariat in the e-poster.