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Last Updated: 12 April 2021

Janssen Pharmaceutica is looking for a motivated junior pathologist or pathologist in training, interested to join our department to participate to the BigPicture European Grant. The position is open from early August 2021 until end January 2027, but the selected candidate can choose to stay for less than the full duration of the grant.

Janssen Pharmaceutica
Sunday, 01 August 2021

  • You will participate to a 6-year European project BigPicture which aims to create a repository of digital images by scanning the glass slides covering a range of disease areas and nonclinical studies. This repository will then be used to develop artificial intelligence tools that could aid in the analysis of slides. In total, the project plans to populate the repository with 3 million digital slides from humans as well as laboratory animals, along with all the information associated with them;
  • Your role in this project will be to help select the studies that Janssen will contribute to the project, de-archive, control and help scanning those studies, review the digital slides and associated metadata for quality and completeness check, review the findings and adapt them to the vocabularies used in the grant, annotate the findings on the digital slides, participate in meetings to better understand all the parts of the project, actively contribute as co-author to scientific publication:
  • You will be under the supervision of senior pathologists, supporting you when ever needed;
  • You will also take part in other projects in the meantime and participate to the daily activities of the pathologists. 

For more information about the grant please contact Erio Barale-Thomas (+33-769 46 63 95) directly, who will be the manager of the candidate and contribute to the BigPicture project. You are also welcome to reach out to Madeline Romnée, a junior pathologist who participated in the projcet from May 2020 to July 2021, who is happy to share her experience, 

What is in for you? 

  • Contributing to a huge European project aiming to improve the field of pathology
  • Opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills in toxicologic pathology and digital pathology
  • Chance to create a network of people working in the field of pathology all around the world
  • Being part of an amazing team of specialists in pathology
  • Flexible working hours (40 h/week), with one recuperation day per month, possibility to work at home for non-laboratory related tasks
  • Interesting compensation (salary and advantages)
  • Support for the preparation of the ECVP certifying examination


  • Degree in Veterinary Medicine
  • Interest in Veterinary Pathology
  • Team spirit
  • Self-motivation
  • Independence
  • Organization
  • Good level of written and spoken English (the colleagues who will supervise the candidate are also Dutch, French Swedish, Italian,and/or German speaking; due to the location of the campus, Dutch is a bonus for social interactions and daily life, but not an obligation) 


Janssen Pharmaceutica 
Turnhoutseweg 30 
2340 Beerse, Flanders 

Description of the grant 

Moulin P, Grünberg K, Barale-Thomas E, van der Laak J. IMI—Bigpicture: A Central Repository for Digital Pathology. Toxicologic Pathology. February 2021. doi:10.1177/0192623321989644 

Presentation of the grant 

IMI grant: 
BigPicture website: 

Contact details 

Erio Barale-Thomas Enable JavaScript to view this email address. +33-769 46 63 95 
Madeline Romnée Enable JavaScript to view this email address.

 Download Job Description (PDF) 

Download "IMI—Bigpicture: A Central Repository for Digital Pathology" (PDF)