The objectives of the European Society of Veterinary Pathology are to promote the scientific work of veterinary surgeons and physicians active in the areas of functional and morphologic pathology of animals, as well as that of other interested natural scientists, by means of organising scientific post-graduate training, conferences and meetings.
Its objects also include acting as a link between national societies and associations for veterinary pathology in Europe and to ensure the maintenance of common interests in veterinary pathology throughout the European sphere.


European Society of Veterinary Pathology

The European Society of Veterinary Pathology was established in 1951 as the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Veterinärpathologen; it changed its name in 1968 to the Europäische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Veterinärpathologen and again in 1974 to become the Europäische Gesellschaft fuer Veterinärpathologie; since 1994 it has been called the European Society of Veterinary Pathology.

The first 25 years

To learn about the activities undertaken by the association during the first 25 years of business, look at the attached document.

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