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Last Updated: 01 June 2015

Veterinary Forensic Pathology
13-14 July 2015 University of Bologna – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Ozzano dell’Emilia

In today’s society, where animal rights are of increasing importance to both the general public and the legal system, forensic veterinary pathology is an emerging discipline that also contributes to the investigation of crime scenes involving animals.

This 2-day course covers a variety of relevant aspects of modern veterinary forensic pathology, from the gross post mortem examination, including documentation and histology, to forensic entomology and molecular techniques. Making use of numerous case studies, Udo Hetzel and Lorenzo Ressel, veterinary pathologists with many years of practical experience in forensic pathology between them, will present the topic, supported by John McGarry, University of Liverpool, an expert in forensic entomology, and Werner Hecht, University of Giessen, a geneticist with a specific interest in molecular forensics.


The Programme
Day 1 Day 2

Introduction: aims and scope of forensic pathology

Collection of evidence: equipment and measurements, the forensic necropsy, documentation and report

Molecular forensics: species and sex determination, individual determination and parentage testing, sample acquisition (Werner Hecht)

Ante and post mortem injuries, wound dating and pathological determination of time after death

Forensic entomology (John McGarry)


Physical trauma

Thermal and electrical injuries

This course is open to all ECVP and ESVP members!

For ECVP and/or ESVP members, a €200 registration fee applies. For information about this course, the venue and accommodation, and for registration, please contact the ECVP Office (Enable JavaScript to view this email address.).

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