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Last Updated: 11 November 2014

Welcome Message

On behalf of the Scientific and Organising Committee and the Institute of Veterinary Pathology of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, it is an honour and a pleasure to welcome the participants of the 25th Meeting of the European Society of Veterinary Pathology to Munich, Germany.

This is the first meeting to take place in Munich since the ESVP became a proper “European Society”.

If one includes the “Autumn Meetings”, the society can celebrate its 25th anniversary this year. It is a particular pleasure for us to be able to celebrate this year’s meeting together with some of those who have made a significant contribution towards the ‘internationalisation’ of our society.

Those who deserve special recognition are, amongst many others, Franco Guarda, Torino, Johan Mouwen, Utrecht and A. Parodi, Alfort. The history of our society will be illustrated through a reprint of the titles of the poster and oral presentations from the last 25 meetings, which started in Bern in the year 1970.

This year the meeting contains 190 contributions, of which 90 will be held as oral presentations with the remaining 100 held as poster presentations. In Munich we would like to establish the poster presentation as an appreciated form, as it indeed has been in other societies for many years.

The presenter of each poster is required, under the supervision of a moderator, to summarize the contents of his / her work and to discuss it with the participants present. In this way we hope to afford the poster the recognition it deserves. This method calls for the poster presentation to require just as much preparation as for an oral one.

The Scientific Committee has thoroughly reviewed all contributions and made recommendations which could be accommodated in most cases by the final programme. During this process some poster presentations became oral presentations and vice versa. In the future, the Scientific Committee will place even more importance on this task to ensure that the quality of the presentations and, subsequently, the conference as a whole continues to rise.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all my collaborators at the Institute, who have offered much support in the preparation of this congress.

Munich is a beautiful city and we hope that you will find some opportunities to visit our museums, take a walk around the historic sights or to enjoy yourself in one of the many other ways which Munich has to offer.

Finally, the organisation of this conference would not have been possible without the generous support of our sponsors and trade exhibitors. We would like to thank them all very much and ask you, the participants, to give the exhibition your full attention.

We wish you a pleasant, informative and stimulating stay in Munich.

Walter Hermanns