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Last Updated: 01 May 2015

Ferguson. Scotian Press, London, 2006.

The second edition of this standard text has been expanded to 368 pages and almost 700 figures, including light, scanning and transmission electron micrographs, and is now in full colour.

As before, the systemic approach to understanding disease in fish has been maintained, with chapters on all organ systems, and followed by descriptions on how involved tissues respond to a variety of insults. Examples of selected diseases are chosen to illustrate these responses.

With the addition of an extra chapter on pathophysiology, there are now 14 chapters overall, each with selected references, plus an index, and authored by recognized authorities. The book is aimed at veterinary pathologists who see only the occasional fish case.

Accordingly, each chapter starts with information on normal structure and function, and tries to place this within a vertebrate context. Examples chosen to illustrate tissue responses are selected from intensively-reared food fish, as well as from species in the aquarium and the wild environments.

There has been no compromise on quality in the production of this book, and a serious attempt has been made to blend aesthetics with scientific rigour and ease of use.

ISBN 0-9553037-0-2 (978-0-9553037-0-8)