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Last Updated: 17 July 2021

Dear colleagues,

We would like to thank those who attended the first ESTP/SFPT/BSTP and ECVP/ESVP webinar on the 4th November and simultaneously remind you that registration to the second one is still open until the 26th November:


We would like to invite you to attend this webinar and consider the program which is outlined below.

Veterinary and Toxicologic Pathology Potpourri – Module 2
Joint Webinar ESTP/SFPT/BSTP and ECVP/ESVP November 2020

Thursday 26th November 4.00– 5.30 pm CET

4.00-4.30 Dr. Rita Deuchande (Covance)
Lung Lesions in a NHP during an inhalation study - differentials of pulmonary inflammation

4.30-5.00 Dr. Jean Francois Gallas (Sanofi)
A preclinical model of immune mediated glomerulonephritis in NHP to investigate new translational biomarkers of glomerular diseases in the Transbioline Consortium

5.00- 5.30 Dr. Heike Marxfeld–Dr. Silke Treumann (BASF SE)
Lesions in SD rats (CAR/PXR doubleknock out). 

The organizing group would like to ask you to attend these webinars and provide feedback for future webinars. The registration links will also be made available on the ESTP website:

Last but not least, we would like to thank the presenters for volunteering and providing such a varied and interesting program.

On behalf of the organizing group,

Rita Deuchande and Rebecca Terry, BSTP
Raffaella Capobianco, Pieruligi Fant, Johannes Harleman, and Anna-Lena Frisk, ESTP Céline Thuilliez and Catherine Thirion- Delalande, SFPT Jerome Abadie, ESVP Pierre Maliver, ECVP